LibreOffice 4.0 Math Guide and Base Handbook have been published

Base 4.0 HandbookMath 4.0 GuideThe LibreOffice Documentation Team has published two books: the LibreOffice 4.0 Math Guide and the LibreOffice 4.0 Base Handbook.

Free PDFs can be downloaded from The Document Foundation’s wiki.

Printed copies can be purchased here. (Published by Friends of OpenDocument Inc.)

Note: The Base 4.0 Handbook is identical to the Base 3.6 Handbook, except for the cover, the ISBN, and the title and copyright pages. If you have the earlier version, you don’t need this one. The Math 4.0 Guide has new and revised material in it.

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My Books

Self-Publishing using LibreOffice Writer, December 2012, ISBN 978-1921320293.

LibreOffice Books

Designing with LibreOffice, by Bruce Byfield, March 2016. Buy print copy or download free PDF here

Books by the LibreOffice Documentation team:

Get free downloadable books (PDF, ODT) from the LibreOffice wiki.

Printed copies (for sale)

Version 5.x

Getting Started 5.0, March 2016.

Version 4.x

Getting Started 4.2, June 2014.

Impress 4.2 Guide, August 2013.

Writer 4.2 Guide, October 2013.

Draw 4.3 Guide, January 2015.

Getting Started 4.0, February 2013.

Writer 4.0 Guide, June 2013.

Math 4.0 Guide, July 2013.

Base 4.0 Handbook, July 2013.

Impress 4.0 Guide, July 2013.

Draw 4.1 Guide, November 2013.

Calc 4.1 Guide, November  2013.

Version 3.x

Getting Started 3.5, September 2012.

Writer 3.6 Guide, January 2013.

Impress 3.5 Guide, May 2012.

Draw 3.5 Guide, October 2012.

Math 3.5 Guide, June 2012.

Base 3.6 Handbook, June 2012.

Calc 3.4 Guide, July 2012.


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